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Grow in Ukraine

Ukraine is increasingly integrating with the European Union in economic terms since 2014. Today, the total bilateral trade estimated at $40 billion and increasing by about 27 percent per year, this means that Ukraine was able to reorient to Western countries.

It is a ground floor investment opportunity at the frontier of the European Union, offering a highly skilled and productive workforce, low-cost manufacturing platform and attractive entry valuations.

Ukraine is the geographical center of Europe making the country an ideal trade hub to the EU, Middle East and Asia.

Ukraine has a hugh potential for Europe and the world!

"Ukraine became a brand, Ukraine is a land of opportunities."
Kris Beckers
Honorary Consul of Ukraine
Representative of the Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce 
Head of Ukraine Invest & Trade Office Belgium

The principle activities of the UITO include representing the general interest of the business community, providing information and advice to members, EU support programs, promoting economic and cultural development, providing market information and economic statistics. Encouraging foreign investment and facilitating

international trade. 

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