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B E C O M E   A   M E M B E R

The principle activities of the UITO include representing the general interest of the business community, providing information and advice to members, EU support programs, promoting economic and cultural development, providing market information and economic statistics. Encouraging foreign investment and facilitating international trade. 


  Membership Benefits

  • B2G: Establishing communication between business and Government

  • B2U: Encouraging foreign investment in Ukraine

  • Information on Belgian / EU Support programs / Subsidy dossiers

  • Start-up procedure in Ukraine and Belgium

  • Direct contact with our workforce

  • Gain credibility and reputation

  • An annual members event will be held in Brussels and Kyiv

  • Sponsorship opportunities

  • Access to the memberzone with sector reports & montly newsletters

  • Business Networking events in Ukraine (with Updates and calendars)

  • Enjoy our hotel corporate rates when traveling to Kyiv, up to 40% discount

Apply for Membership


How to apply for Membership?

1: Fill in and apply the application form below

2: Get follow up by the office Team

Be ready to provide additional information or references on company activities

3: All fully completed applications are submitted to the Direction for aproval

4: if the application is approves by the direction a welcome letter and invoice for membership dues will be provide


Once an invoice is paid in full new member will be entitled to enjoy the office memberschip benefits.   

If the application is denied the applicant organization will be informed as soon as the decision is taken.

How much are Membership Dues?

Type 1:   Organization with less than 5 employees worldwide                                                           950€  per year


Type 2:   Organisation with between 5 and 15 employees worldwide                                              1200€  per year


Type 3:   Organization with between 15 and 30 employees worldwide                                            1500€  per year


Type 4:   Organization with between 30 and 50 employees worldwide                                            1800€  per year


Type 5:   Organization with more than 50 employees worldwide                                                     2250€  per year


Membership dues for new members are billed on a yearly basis. A one-time registration Fee of 250€ is charged to each new successful applicant. Membership will be tacitly renewed every year

Application form

Contact information

* -Required fields. Please fill in all information in English

Contact person within your company for Ukraine

Information of the Chief Officer

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