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Ukraine is on its way to becoming a leading IT outsourcing destination in Europe due to its booming tech ecosystem, large talented workforce, and strong education. Ukrainian developers are recognized among the strongest IT professionals globally thanks to their solid technical expertise, high English proficiency level, and knowledge of emerging disciplines such as AI, big data, blockchain, etc. No wonder a growing number of international giants hire Ukrainian developers to build cutting-edge software solutions.

An increasing number of businesses are considering Ukraine as a primary destination for outsourcing their software development needs or opening their own offices there.


  • the 1st outsourcing market in Eastern Europe (Outsourcing Journal) 

  • offshoring destination of 2017 (GSA)

  • the 1st in CEE by outsourcing volume (CEEOA)

  • among the top 20 offshore locations in EMEA (Gartner)

  • among the top 50 countries by the volume of outsourcing activities (A.T. Kearney)

  • among top 25 IT service exporters (PwC)



185.000+ IT Professionals

Ukrainian IT industry is expected to reach $10 billion in value by 2020. Local software development community has grown by 27% in 2017 and currently employs over 185.000 IT specialists. The country ranks fourth in the world by the number of tech workers after the United States, India, and Russia. Moreover, its IT workforce is expected to surpass the 200.000 mark by 2020 


Best Price/Quality Ratio

Compared to its neighboring countries — such as Poland, Belarus, and the Czech Republic, Ukraine offers more competitive outsourcing rates paired with a much larger tech talent pool.

The average hourly rate for software development is within the $25–50 range, with the average software developer salary varying between $2,500 and $4,000 per month (excluding taxes and social contributions).


Favorable Business Climate

Year by year, Ukraine is harmonizing its international policies and moving towards a more thriving business environment. The country is now close to hitting its target for 3.5% GDP growth in 2018. The Ukrainian government has already approved its Strategic Action Plan 2020, which includes cancelation of 450 outdated regulations, support of innovation initiatives, focus on the enhanced corporate governance of state agencies and privatization, and much more. 


Moreover, Ukraine has gone 20 positions up over the last 3 years in the World Bank’s ease of Doing Business ranking by introducing a number of regulations. It simplified the process of dealing with construction permits by reducing fees. The country also made paying taxes easier by introducing a lower flat rate of 22% for the Unified Social Contribution tax paid by employers (which replaced the previous rates ranging from 36.76% to 49.7%). 


All of this contributed to the growth and development of the local IT community and stimulated numerous business owners choose Ukraine for IT outsourcing.

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