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Our Mission

To bring Ukraine and Europe closer together, boost trade links, harmonize Ukrainian laws and standards with European ones.


B2U (Business 2 Ukraine)

  • Promote Ukraine internationally as an attractive investment destination

  • Provide our members with useful information and advice about doing business in Ukraine

  • Support the relationship between Ukrainian and Belgian business members in both countries.

   B2B (Business 2 Bussiness)

  • Continuously creating opportunities for Business to Bussiness Partnerships

  • Partner with the business community by providing opportunities for prosperity and guiding our members through the support options which the European Union can provide. 

        B2G (Business 2 Government)

  • Driving actionable dialogue between Business and Government

  • Support existing and new investors; increasing the ease of doing business by improving communication between the authorities, business, and international organizations.

Why Ukraine

Ukraine is increasingly integrating with the European Union in economic terms since 2014. Today, the total bilateral trade estimated at $40 billion and increasing by about 27 percent per year, this means that Ukraine was able to reorient to Western countries.

It is a ground floor investment opportunity at the frontier of the European Union, offering a highly skilled and productive workforce, low-cost manufacturing platform and attractive entry valuations.

Ukraine is the geographical center of Europe making the country an ideal trade hub to the EU, Middle East and Asia.

Ukraine became a brand, Ukraine is a land of opportunities.

More and more businesses interested in increasing revenues, cutting costs, reaching new clients, greater efficiency, and positioning themselves for future trends are exploring - and investing in - Ukraine.

The Ukrainian powerhouse opportunities in agriculture, energy, information technology, infrastructure and manufacturing have grown too large for investors to ignore. When combined with a highly skilled workforce, cost-efficiency, strategic geographic location and rapidly-improving business climate, Ukraine has much to offer.

Investors are no longer asking the question of Why Ukraine?  Greater numbers of investors and business owners are starting to understand the power of the reasons behind the statement Why Ukraine.


"Ukraine became a brand, Ukraine is a land of opportunities."

Kris Beckers
Honorary Consul of Ukraine
Representative of the Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce 
Head of Ukraine Invest & Trade Office
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