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From the pages of Vogue magazine to the catwalks of Paris and Milan to the wardrobes of Hollywood celebrities and European royalty – how Ukrainian fashion is conquering the world.

“Made in Ukraine”

Fashion has gone through a revolution in Ukraine in the last few years and now it is considered to have a more and more important role in representing Ukrainian identity.


Today, Ukrainian fashion exports are becoming more popular and the country’s small fashion workshops are consolidating as firms in continuous ascent. We are living the Ukrainian entrepreneurship boom.

The international attention generated by the geopolitical turbulence of the past three years has encouraged the international fashion industry media to take a closer look at what the Ukrainian scene has to offer. 


Kyiv-based designers Lake Studio and Anton Belinskiy have been influenced by the commerce of Ukrainian fashion. These are collections that will go the mile and pick up traction around  the world.


Ukraine born Rouslan Belinskiy now shows in Paris and have Madonna among his clients and Jean Gritsfeldt who will present his collection during the Paris Fashion Weeksoon.


The business behind fashion is something many Ukrainian designers are talking about at the moment.

Certainly, due to the heightened wave of interest in this industry,  the market in general starts to develop. It is still difficult to talk about a super-harmonious system, mainly  in terms of building a fashion business, but the progress is quite obvious.


Nowadays investors are looking at fashion proposals and sales in this area with greater interest. The reason is that Ukrainian fashion products and all the clothes are high quality and no worse than what is produced in Europe or America, and most importantly they are in consumer demand.

For Ukrainian designers, it’s not just about fashion, it’s about reestablishing the industry and demonstrating their honor and talent. The country is also experiencing its own transition in the industry, at a slow but steady pace. It is a fundamental change of attitude and perspective that is reflected in both new aesthetic trends and prevailing business strategies.

Here are some Ukrainian brands and names, which successfully made their way to New York, Milan, Paris and are on their way to conquering the industry.

Olena Dats,


a fashion designer from Lviv, created her brand in 2008 Now Dats' design shows appear from Shanghai to Paris, and she has brand-name stores in the UAE, USA, France, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and, of course, Ukraine.


Ruslan Baginskiy,


another fashion star from Lviv, creates hats which are especially favorited by Bella Hadid. His studio, as well as Dats', is located in Ukraine - but he has clients around the world


Ienki Ienki 


is a brand created in 2016 by Kyiv designer Dmytro Levenko. The brand focuses on outerwear and has been carried from the very beginning by French, British, American and Chinese retailers. Now Ienki Ienki has a presence in 30 countries, and celebs like Julianne Moore and Kourtney Kardashian proudly wear it. 


Ksenia Schnaider ,


a Kyiv-based designer, had a show this autumn during the Tokyo Fashion Week. She became popular in 2016 thanks to her funky denim clothes, which soon became popular in Asia, especially Japan. 

Elena Burenina 


established her brand in 2006, becoming the first popular designer in Ukraine. She is the first designer from Ukraine to put on a show at the MQ Vienna Fashion Week in 2018.


In general terms, designers are understanding the importance of transition to international markets and are developing their strategy in line with it. In recent years famous Ukrainian designers moved their fashion shows to Paris and New York, acting as international Ambassadors for “Made in Ukraine”  a phrase that was avoided at all costs by Ukrainian brands and has now become a selling claim.

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