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Agriculture has always been one of the main sectors of the Ukrainian economy.

Considered for centuries as a "bread basket of Europe", Ukraine today possesses arable land area which equals to 30% of arable land of the European Union and 2.1% of the global arable land bank.


The total land area of Ukraine is 60 million hectares. 


Ukraine’s land resources are enormous, it has 42.2 million hectares of agricultural land comprising 70% of the country’s total area. Out of those, 32.5 m ha is arable land (76% of agricultural land),

5.4 m ha is pastures (13%),

2.4 m ha is grasslands (6%) 

and 0.9 m ha is perennial plantings (2%).

A great advantage is Ukraine’s geographic location with a temperate continental climate zone, access to water and transportation networks. Today approximately 25% of Ukraine’s 44.5 million population is employed in the agricultural sector, with many being highly skilled workers.


Record production in 2018


In 2018, Ukrainian farmers gathered a record grain harvest totaling 70.1 million tonnes (a record harvest in the entire history of observations), which will allow them to export 47-50 million tonnes of grain.


Ukraine became the world largest sunflower oil exporter, second largest grain exporter, forth corn and barley, sixth wheat and soybean and seventh poultry and honey exporter and ninth largest egg producer.


At the same time there is still a large room for growth. Government policies, foreign investments and technologies are further improving yields and stimulating the development of food processing, making the Ukrainian agricultural sector even more profitable.


Industry experts predict that by the mid-2020s, Ukraine will be No. 3 in food production worldwide, second only to the U.S. and Brazil.





The organic sector in Ukraine represents 400.000 ha, which is less than 1% of the total agricultural land. Ukraine’s unspoiled soil allows it to become a major producer and is also expected to become a major exporter to Asian countries, to meet the ever-increasing demand for such organics.

Back soil

Ukraine has one of the world’s richest black soils, the so called “chernozem”. In fact, around 25 percent of the global black soil assets is located in Ukraine, which makes the country unique in terms of agri potential and making it the ideal location to grow a large range of crops.

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