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Ukraine has a long and distinguished history in the field of aerospace technology going back to the early decades of the ‘space race’ in the 20th century. During that time, many of the leading Soviet design and production facilities were located in Ukraine – where they continue to remain active to the present day.



Ukraine is home to several of the world’s leading aerospace design and production facilities which trace their roots to the early pioneering days of rocket science and aviation technology.


The Antonov design bureau is the leading example and is best known for designing and building the world’s largest transport plane the An-225 “Mriya” cargo lifter.

Ukraine’s other valuable aerospace centers of influence include the Yuzhnoye and Yuzhmash design bureaus in the city of Dnipro, the Ivchenko-Progress aero-engine design bureau and the Motor Sich engine production center in Zaporizhia.

Together, these industries and several smaller manufacturers combine to produce some of the most advanced aircraft, satellites and rocket engines in the world.

Ukraine’s aerospace and technology industries compete on world markets, providing maintenance services to the armed forces of countries still operating Soviet-designed equipment.


Upgrades of Soviet-era military hardware continues to remain a lucrative business and Ukraine continues to enjoy a comparative advantage in this sphere.

Simultaneously Ukraine is poised to rebuild its aerospace and technology industries to be compatible with NATO standards and develop products and produce innovations that can be sold in wider markets.

Two of Ukraine’s largest state owned defense conglomerates include “UkrOboronProm” a state management company of more than 100 enterprises in 5 major defense industry sectors and  “Ukrainespecexport” which is engaged in the import and export of military arms and hardware.

Ukraine also has smaller privately owned companies which focus on developing innovative military solutions and dual use military/civilian technologies aimed at the domestic and export markets. UARPA (Ukrainian Advanced Research products Agency) owns and manages UARMS which has become the leading manufacturer and supplier of innovative solutions for Ukraine’s Defense industry.

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