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Is the third largest city in Ukraine located in the south of the country, the administrative center of the Odessa region and the main naval base of the Ukrainian Navy.This city, standing on the shore of the Odessa Gulf of the Black Sea, is the largest commercial sea port of Ukraine, transporting grain, sugar, coal, oil products, cement, metals, jute, timber, products of the machine-building industry



The climate of Odessa is temperate-marine with subtropical features: mild winter; relatively long spring; warm, long, often very hot summer; long and warm autumn. 

The architecture of Odessa is represented mainly by buildings constructed in the styles of neoclassicism, modernism, postmodernism, constructivism in the 19th-20th centuries. The historical center of Odessa is listed in the preliminary UNESCO World Heritage List. Odessa is famous for its picturesque streets and yards. In the city there are a lot of monuments, including very unusual ones.

Odessa is one of the most important cultural centers of Ukraine. There are a lot of theaters and museums that have a long history. 

The resort area of Odessa stretches for tens of kilometers along the Black Sea coast. One of the most popular resort and entertainment districts of Odessa is Arcadia. On its territory there are sanatoriums, rest houses, as well as a hydropathic institution, a resort polyclinic, a tourist base, hotels, numerous restaurants and nightclubs.

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