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Kyiv The Capital of Ukraine


Kyiv is the capital and the largest city of Ukraine located on the Dnieper River, in the north of the central part of the country. It is the largest cultural, political, socio-economic, transport, scientific, and religious center of Ukraine. Kyiv is the seventh most populous city in Europe after Istanbul, Moscow, London, St. Petersburg, Berlin, and Madrid. 


This city is located in the northern part of Ukraine, relatively close to its center. In general, the climate is moderately continental with mild winters and warm summers. Among the characteristic features of Kyiv is a large number of green plantations. One of the symbols of the city is a chestnut leaf. Forests, parks, and gardens make up more than half of Kyiv’s area, about 80,000 hectares.

Kyiv is a major transport hub (railways and highways, river port, airports). The city has a metro, bus, trolleybus, tram networks, and even a funicular. The international airport “Boryspil”, located about 30 km southeast of Kyiv in the town of Boryspil, is the largest airport in Ukraine.

Kyiv is a large industrial center of Ukraine with enterprises of light and food industry, printing, pharmaceuticals, engineering, metallurgy, aircraft building. The services sector makes the main contribution to the local economy - transport and communications, small and wholesale trade, real estate, legal and financial services.


Kyiv is a city rich in monuments of culture, architecture, and art. Dozens of museums and theaters are located here. One of the most outstanding places to visit in Kyiv are:Saint Sophia’s Cathedral, St. Andrew’s Church, The exposition of the National Art Museum of Ukraine, Kiev Pechersk Lavra is an Orthodox monastery.

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